Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

What a joy it was to be chilly this morning. I forgot what that felt like. In fact I was able to wear my jaywalkers and my new Eath shoes today. and I have to say my back does feel better. The sock mania continues, my monkeys are finished and I'm almost done with a pair for my Mom. I would be on my second "On your toes" sock but I decided to rip back and try to make it a knee high. I don't know if I'll have enough yarn, but I certainly had a lot left over when I was ready to cast off, so my fingers are crossed. As soon as my Mom's socks are done, I need to start a pair for my MIL. Her birthday is coming up and she really liked my jaywalkers so she'll be getting a nearly matching pair. I love Tofutsies yarn so I'm happy to make a duplicate pair. Plus I'm using the leftovers for stripped socks later on... I can't wait to get to those they already look beautiful in my head. Of course all this knititng has to occur around my study schedule which is a bit math heavy at the present. What was I thinking taking Calculus 2 and Physics together? Well to be fair that wasn't the origianl plan, but I digress. I did find my camera cord (finally) so I leave you with a few pretty images.

The Birthday Girl (I can't believe she's two) and my Sockpalooza socks. Arent' they gorgues? I love them! Thank you Jenneke!