Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Barking Seal

Life has been a little too unreal around these lately. DH has been traveling a lot. And the munchkin celebrated the break in her four day fever streak, by bashing her head into her head board. No kidding she had skull x-rays to make sure she didn't break her orbital socket. See:

But eventually my planned pampering break time was drawing near. I was scheduled to get a cut and color at my favorite Aveda salon, complete with yummy hot tea. But then the barking started. Wednesday morning I took a breathing treatment before leaving for class, and had to call in to work just before my class started, because I could not breathe. I rested and went to my night class, where it seemed that the tight knot in my lungs was finally loosening. I went to class on Thursday feeling a little chipper. But within two hours at work, my co-workers were throwing me out. Thanks Linda, by the way! So I barked my way home and took an other treatment. Well that sent me into such a fit that my legs were curling into my chest all on their own as I coughed, no really it was barking. Luckily DH was home and he drove to the doctor in the snow and ice, where I barked for a couple hours more. So the verdict, you ask? No haircut, no school, no work, no moving really. I have been banished to my bed with a harem of disgusting medicine. DH won't even let me cook, or make my own tea. And I'm still barking as I type this. But I have gotten a lot done while in bed.... see.....

Maybe tonight I should actually do some home work, but at this rate I may not even be in school this week. So maybe I'll go back to the knitting it's much more soothing.