Friday, January 19, 2007

Frost Bite

Have people lost their minds? I walked past a girl, on the way to Calculus, who was wearing flipflops and a spring jacket. Now I guess I should mention that with the wind chill it was 16 F at this point. I had to laugh because her toe nails were painted a dark blue, and I thought: How appropriate. Since her feet will be the same the color by the end of the day. As I walked around campus with my hood firmly tied around my head, I daydreamed of knitting a plethora of warm knitted items, socks, hats scarves and mittens. I imagined swimming in a stream of hot cholcolate, and yet these crazies are walkign around in shorts, flipflops, jackets flapping in the frigid wind. The funniest part is that I run hot. I'm miserable in the summer, and over heat easily if I over layer. So this is not a feezey cat rant. I don't know maybe I'm just getting old. But I just don't understand flip flops in Indiana in January.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Crazy Days

Well, we survived the holidays and the traveling. But we've started our New Year with a couple of funerals. That makes me nervous. It seems like a really bad way to start a year. And I'm not superstitious... I'm also starting the year behind. I have two Christmas presents to finish. A pair of socks and a lace scarf. Who knew lace was so slow going. I love the finished product, but that yarn is so thin.... I have many other projects that are calling to me. It's a good thing I got an Ipod for Christmas, so now knitting time is also audiobook time. Even more incentive to curl up in my favorite arm chair. All I need now is a snow day.