Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Crazy Days

Well, we survived the holidays and the traveling. But we've started our New Year with a couple of funerals. That makes me nervous. It seems like a really bad way to start a year. And I'm not superstitious... I'm also starting the year behind. I have two Christmas presents to finish. A pair of socks and a lace scarf. Who knew lace was so slow going. I love the finished product, but that yarn is so thin.... I have many other projects that are calling to me. It's a good thing I got an Ipod for Christmas, so now knitting time is also audiobook time. Even more incentive to curl up in my favorite arm chair. All I need now is a snow day.


Chris said...

Sorry to hear of the loses in your circle. I hope it doesn't set a precident for the year. We had one year so full of weddings we were sure the whole world was married by the end of it!

Regina said...

Thanks for writing this.