Friday, January 19, 2007

Frost Bite

Have people lost their minds? I walked past a girl, on the way to Calculus, who was wearing flipflops and a spring jacket. Now I guess I should mention that with the wind chill it was 16 F at this point. I had to laugh because her toe nails were painted a dark blue, and I thought: How appropriate. Since her feet will be the same the color by the end of the day. As I walked around campus with my hood firmly tied around my head, I daydreamed of knitting a plethora of warm knitted items, socks, hats scarves and mittens. I imagined swimming in a stream of hot cholcolate, and yet these crazies are walkign around in shorts, flipflops, jackets flapping in the frigid wind. The funniest part is that I run hot. I'm miserable in the summer, and over heat easily if I over layer. So this is not a feezey cat rant. I don't know maybe I'm just getting old. But I just don't understand flip flops in Indiana in January.


Chris said...

We wonder the same thing. And we are a mite warmer here, but not much. I think it's just lack of sense! I might run to the mail box without a jacket, but go to work, class or anywhere I have to walk for a good distance. No way.

Lynn said...

It's been freezing in SF too (in the 30s a night, whcih is cold for us). I was leaving school the other day and it was about 42 outside and I saw this guy leaving in shorts and a tank top. It took every ounce of control I had not to tell him he was going to freeze to death out there.

BB said...

The other week I saw a mother with preschooler; the preschooler was in Brikies, no socks. In NJ, with windchills in the single digits or lower. It's so cold my daughter the college student can't walk the mile from building to building (she goes to college on a farm, it's an ag school and I was lecturing down there for the day).
What's with people?