Monday, February 19, 2007

So Much

I have been so neglectfull of my blog. School got crazy, the munchkin got sick (so we followed suit) and then the snow came.

The munchkin offered to man the snowblower.

And she also wanted to help Mommy knit.

I did get alot of knitting done during our two snow days. My friend Brad's Xmas socks are finished, I worked for hours on the longest lace scarf ever. Yes Athenae, I'm still at it. It may be finished by next Xmas but it really is lovely, and I got a good start on a Clapotis. It's sad when you turn to Kogiu because it has heft to it. I love the way the lace looks and feels but I really didn't realize that it would take so long. I've never done real lace, wtih lace weight yarn before. Wow! What an experience.

And now to add my two cents worth, I hear there is a heated deabte going on... I was so excited for the new Interweave. I'm ready for soem fun spring knitting and I had already downloaded the new Winding Cable Knee Socks. And I thought: Oh look a new format, it looks really nice. Well I'm refering to the online pattern format. It is nice. The magazine format however.... It looks like Vogue Knitting. Why did they do that? I love that they aren't Vogue Knitting. I love that the patter is right next to the pattern. I hate flipping back to see what a pattern needs and then flipping back to the picture. Ugh! I still like the patterns but i felt like I was reading some new magazine instead of my comfort food magazine. I'm going ot give it another try tonight, but last night when I turned to the new copy for some much needed realaxtion (after Calculus) I felt frazzled. I felt like I had to concentrate too hard. And so I put it down and plugged into an older episode of Cast On. Because Brenda Dayne always makes me feel good.

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Chris said...

I hear you! I so dislike having the patterns be separate from the picture. And if I were an advertiser I would hate it even more. There isn't any reason to go all the way through if you aren't looking for the pattern. Once you are through the pictures you can just flip to the back for the last article.
Unfortunately I doubt they will change back.