Monday, February 06, 2006

Chemical genius?

Okay, maybe not genius, but I was feeling pretty close on Thursday. Instead of a real lab, we had a problem set in preparation for our exam today. And I was one the first ones done, with no errors. I continued to pound out the problems and today I took the exam. Would you believe that the only thing I'm not perfectly sure about is the charges on my ions. I may have mixed some up but the formulas were right. And again, I was one of the first people done. Same thing happened in Algebra on Friday, but I only got a B on that one. But it is Math, so I guess for me that's like an A+ And I'm going to get better. I will. Now one more exam, tomorrow is Art History. Guess I should start studying, huh? I'm a little behind on that one, but it is multiple choice. :)

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