Friday, March 17, 2006

Loose Ends

Well, with the hubby away I've been tying up loose ends, almost literally. His vest is completely finished, the munchkin's pinafore is done, and two afghan square are going out in Monday's mail. I'm back where I re-started on Eris, and much happier with this second attempt, and I just may get around to toe up sock #2. I feel very productive, and very tired. The munchkin woke up last night at 1:00 and screamed bloody murder until about 2:30. It felt much later than that though. She hasn't needed a mid-night bottle in months. I don't know what got into her. She'd better not do it tonight.
I've come away from my sister's wedding with a little wisdom. Yes I hate sewing items with a lining, and yes satin is not on my favorites list, but I do like to sew. I'm thinking the munchkin may need some cute summer clothes. I love the tanks that button in the back over little bloomer type shorts, or maybe some cute sun dresses. Hmmmmm, I may just have to go to JoAnn's.

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Jeanne said...

They do that frequently, it seems -- you get settled into a routine, and start thinking, "Okay!" and then boom, some developmental advance (or a tooth coming in), and everything goes haywire.

Babies, I mean. (!)