Thursday, April 19, 2007

So Much

Wow! so much has happened lately. I was inducted into Lamda Iota Tau, the national honor society for english majors/minors. I recieved my summer reaserch match, and it's great. I'll be workign with a Doctor at the hospital who is doing glucose metabolism reserch. He's considered adjunct facility, and all though I probably won't see my chemistry friends too much it's sounds very interesting. Monday is our last regular Calculus Exam and the last week of regular classes. Yes that's right. I never trhought it would come, but the semester is drawing to a close. I'm thrilled and terrified. I could use another few weeks in Organic, but I'm also thrilled to leaving it behind. Organic Chemistry is something that I know I'll need to access later, but right now it's abstract and convoluted. It's just a bunch of reaction floating around in space. I'm sure that it will fall into place when I take Biochemsitry and have an application for it.
Last friday was a fun time. Lots of chinese food, red wine, and a ball winder. I'll post pictures later today. The Munchkin helped too. This week I'm planning kababs on the grill. Hopefully it should be warm and sunny, and the munchkin can run in the grass, while we laze about on the patio. That sounds so good right now. Thursday mornings are always so difficult. I ahev to get up early after Wednesday, my all day day. Truely I work early on Wednesday and round it off with a night class, and an afternoon full of Organic. Luckily next semester (fall) I don't have nay night classes. What will I do with myself. I'll almost be on a normal schedule. Well, I'm off to shower and to work. I'll post some pictures later.

ps-Lynn, you are so right about the mini-me thign. It's almost spooky. If my baby pictures weren't fading it would be hard to tell who you're looking at. :)

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