Saturday, September 20, 2008

Everyone needs goals

As I look through my syllabi and plan out the week it occurs to me that I have too much to do and it likely won't be letting up as I near the holidays. So an action plan is order.

First I need a list of Xmas projects:
*Woodins set
*Sheldon set
*Dragon puppets
*WI afghan
*sew up bath gloves
*make up bath treats
*felted fuzzy slippers
*Jughead hat
*Ladder of Life socks
*Sweet Suede purse
*beaded votives
*gnomes and house set
*Subway mittens?

And now for the small manageable chunks:
this month I will finish Vince's vest and the chemo socks and one of the xmas projects (because I just can't help myself)

Now let's see if can meet my goals.....

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Anonymous said...

I was supposed to make my christmas project list today, but got distracted by my mother's suggestion to go see a movie. I should make that list out tonight...
Good luck with yours! :)