Monday, October 06, 2008

High end sock day

Here's a pic of my Noro Kueryon socks. It was my first Noro project. I love the colors but it isnt' the softest yarn in the world. But they are very comfortable on.... So I guess they get a thumbs up after all...

These are my Olympic knitting socks, from the Socktopia Ravelry Group. I used Socks That Rock medium weight in Beryl.

And a close up shot of the ring pattern.....

Today I spent some time knitting after my ill-fated trip to the ER. Appherently I am allergic to Bees. Hmmm, who knew? But I have a nice start on a Minimalist Cardi now, in rose colored Rowan Cashsoft. Mmmmm it's so yummy to work with that I almost don't care that I was a human pincushion earlier.

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