Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March in Wisconsin

Please allow me a moment to whine. I forgot what March in Wisconsin was like. I know that March is messy everywhere, but Wisconsin takes that mess to a level of artistry. Sunday we had a blizzard, which I had to drive through for work. It was the kind of snow that stick to the outer walls of houses, due to the wind. It started as icy rain, so under the foot of snow blanketing my car I had a nice layer of ice to chip off. I continued to snow until the wee hours, so the morning commute was ugly. Worse though was the fact that it warmed up over night so the un-plowed roads were compounded by a dense bright fog. As the fog burned off the sun started it's dangerous work of melting. So the streets became a bog of slush and undigested snow chunks. By the time I got home last night and got into the tub, it was raining. That's right, because we just didn't have enough precipitation. They're calling for thunderstorms through out the day, 70% chance. And then we'll be in the 20's for a high tomorrow.

Now it's important to note that I love Wisconsin. I wanted to move back. The summer is much more comfortable and the fall is beautiful. I love to drive the back roads on fall evenings and watch the threshers working with their lights on. But March is the labor pain that we all have to forget in order to propagate the species. If anyone of thought about March as a deciding factor towards where we live, I think we'd all move. So there is my little rant. I really shouldn't complain because we're off to New York in a few days, and barring freezing rain, I'll be happy with whatever weather comes my way.

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