Friday, May 24, 2013

The Answer

So from my teaser shot, I’m sure it’s pretty clear that we have a new member of the family. Her name is Maggie, and she is a miniature schnauzer. And to say that she is the cute is really an understatement. She is also one of the most lovey dovey dogs I have ever had. The munchkin had been asking for a puppy, since she could say the word. And when my Mom’s dog passed away a couple years ago, Zoe got more insistent. But we had a diva house rabbit, so a dog was not in the cards. We told Zoe that if she took better care of the bunny maybe that would prove that she could have a puppy when the time came. In March we went to Arizona for a 90th birthday, and when we came home, we found poor Abby (the diva) had suffered a stroke and couldn't raise from her side. We nursed her overnight and let her go the next morning. A week later, after the kiddo internalized her grief, she said: But how can I prove that I will take care of a dog now? Well……. Good question. So after much deliberation (on my husband’s part) we decided to give it a go. And we adopted little Maggie. Now let’s recap….. We have an offer on a new house, we’re trying to sell out current home, we lost a car over Mother’s Day weekend (big pile up) and now we’re adding a new pet to the mix. Are we crazy? Probably. But funny thing is, I think Maggie the wonder dog is actually helping things. She makes us laugh and smile and showers us with unconditional love. I think she’s actually lowering the husband’s blood pressure. And the munchkin is so over the moon, she sat down and wrote a two page story about “Her Dog Maggie.” And I swear I've never seen her print so nicely. A guess the answer then is a snugly puppy, no matter what the question really.

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