Thursday, January 26, 2006

30 at 30

I've been meaning to post this list for awhile, but the Munchkin and school has taken up a lot of time. So here is my New Year's Manifesto. Since I turned 30 on New Year's Day, I decided rather than setting typical resolutions I would choose 30 things I've always wanted or meant to do. So here I go, and these are in no particular order:
1. Do shoulderstand
2. Do King Pigeon
3. Do headstand
4. Knit a sweater for myself (Eris?)
5. Lose 20 pounds
6. Make a perfect cheese souffle
7. Finish my herb garden (tea garden)
8. Set up my cutting garden
9. Lower my cholesterol
10. Finish NANOWRIMO
11. Enter 3 writing contests
12. Join the church choir
13. Do the Cropwalk
14. Get more Blog savvy
15. Make 12 items for the Ocoze Huyaku Project
16. Set up a recycling center in the garage
17. Increase my tomato crop
18. Get through "Cracking the coconut"
19. Get through my French country cookbook
20. Finish Zoe's baby book
21. Put up the outdoor Xmas lights
22. Read Wuthering Heights
23. Read Swann's Way
24. Watch more hockey
25. Read Anna Karinina
26. read Madame Bovary
27. Master Whole grain bread
28. Use up the farmer's cheese in my freezer (there's tons)
29. Get Zoe into a real routine
30. Go to the farmer's market more often

And as if 30 weren't enough, I'll be conquering my fear of Math this year. By Xmas I have to get through at least one semester of calculus. Lord help me.


Chris said...

You go girl! I know you can do it if you put your mind to it.

Thanks for the Tilt comment. It's so nice to get feedback, especially the postive kind!
Baby looks just precious in the IK album. If you ever get a shot of her in the pink "Confetti" hat and sweater I would love to see it!!!

courtney said...

Hey, lady. Say the word, and I'll go Farmer's Marketing with you. I ♥ the farmer's market.