Friday, April 07, 2006

A little late

Booking Through Thursday

This week's questions were suggested by Kim.

  1. Do you have a favorite character(s)? I adore Elizabeth Bennet.

  2. What book/author is he/she/it from? She's from Pride and Prejudice. Austen is my favorite author.

  3. Why do you like this person--what is it about the way he/she was written that drew you to them? I love the contrast between Lizzie and her family. She has silly sisters, and a lunatic mother. But she is smart and proud, and not afraid to be who she is. I love that in a heroine.

  4. Is there something more you would like the author to tell you about them? After reading and rereading the novel many times, I feel as though Lizzie is a dear friend. Like most of my favorite books, I wish it hadn't ended. And there has been a rash of sequels to Pride and Prejudice, but I have yet to find one, though I own many versions, that I like as my as the original. If you're interested, the best I've found so far is called "Mr. Darcy's Daughters" by Elizabet Aston.

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