Monday, April 10, 2006

When blue turns to red

I'm usually a very liberal person but I am so tired of all these immigrant protests. My family came through Ellis Island. My grandparents spoke Polish at home. My Great grandfather even bought land sit-unseen in Wisconsin and the family started completely from scratch. But the point is that even though it wasn't' easy, and they didn't speak English well, they jumped through the hoops and became citizens. So why can't everyone else? Why should we make special exceptions for people who have managed to hide out and ignore the rules for such a long time. Isn't that reinforcing bad behavior? Why should anyone follow the rules if special allowances will be made? I have this problem at school too. Kids cheat and slide their way through, and act so incredulous when they get caught cheating, or when they don't get A's simply for existing. I am sick to death with people who expect everything they want for nothing. Sorry about the rant. I don't usually do this, but I'm so sick of hearing about this issue.

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