Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm not Dead yet

I'm still around I promise. I have two more final exams, and then I shall be free to blog until my fingers cramp up. My organic exam is on friday, and then I will be back with a vengance. I have munchkin pictures and garden tales, and of course knitting to catch up on. So, soon very soon, I'll be posting daily. Well at least daily, after Mother's Day. We're going to Wisconson for Mother's Day and while we're in the woods, computer time is very limited, but I'll check in Milwaukee. Until then.....


Anonymous said...

Hello Amy, Good to hear you're still alive since I'm going to make you some awsome sockapalooza socks! I'll be stalking your blog in the upcoming months so if you want tell me something you can say it on your blog. Wooha!
greatings from sockland.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on exams!

Your Secret Pal