Tuesday, June 12, 2007

As promised awhile ago, here is a picture of my new organised stash. Of course that's not all of it. There are still three rubbermaid tubs in the closet next to the new shelves. :) But the "tub" yarn is charity and baby stuff, so it doesn't need as much organization

And my husband's first pair of socks (from me)

I love the way the jaywalkers turned out! And the spindle socks are too comfy!

And a picture of my new imporved, even more red, hair.

This was taken on Courtney's wedding day (link in previous post). Congrat's Honey! I'm so glad you had such a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

Those socks look very good!
sockapalooza SP

Anonymous said...

Those socks look great!! I really like the colorway of the Jaywalks!

Love the read hair!

Your Secret Pal

Sarah said...

What's the yarn on your husband's socks? I swear I'm using the exact same colorway.