Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Munckin

My husband was away this weekend at a work thing, and being the only parent spurred some thought on my part. My daughter is really some kind of kid. She's pretty much a self-imposed vegetarian. She has just started eating chicken in very small amounts, and she likes hot dogs (which I don't consider meat) but that's it. She prefers chickpeas, and tofu enchiladas. She's a maniac for veggi lomein, or fried rice. She is addicted to cheese. I'm not complaing here. I think it's great. But it seems strange that she loathes all thing breaded, and can already appreciate good rye bread. She's also very aware of her own clock. It seemed that she was slow to speak, but now she's turning out full phrases. She can identify her own name when it's written down and pick out the proper letters on own. And she's getting much better about playing with other kids. This may sound a bit boasfull, but I really marvel at the person she's becoming. And I'm so proud to be her mommy.


Anonymous said...

Go Mommy!!

Your Secret Pal

Lynn said...

She is utterly adorable. And getting SO OLD - I can't believe it.