Monday, April 21, 2008

Enough is Enough

My stash never seemed that big to me. Perhaps its because so much of it is inherited acrylic that I don't think about. However while prepping the house for sale I was floored when I saw just how much I yarn I have. Boxes and boxes and a couple more boxes. So I've started working on a stash buster log cabin afghan, to get started whittling it down. Since I'm using scraps it will be a patchwork of primary colors. DH and the Munchkin love it. DH agreed that it really isn't my style which must be why they like it so much.
So yeah, we're moving, and between that and finals I feel like my head might explode. We'll be moving to Wisconsin this summer, so DH can start a new job for the fall semester. So far there is interest in the house, which is amazing in this town/market. And when all is said and done we'll be much closer to our parents. That's the other bit of excitement in my life. A couple weeks ago, my Dad went into a diabetic coma, and we didn't even know he was diabetic, neither did he. It was scary for a few days but he's back home now, a little whoozy, but doing much better. So not only will the Munchkin get more grandparent time, but it won't take me twelve hours to drive up there if needed. We'll only be two hours south of them and an hour and a half north of the in-laws. And of course I've already scoped out the local yarn stores.

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