Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Ah, it's that time again. Time to reflect on the past year and plan for the next. Honestly this year has been such a mess that anything I plan for the new year has got to better. With that in mind I've been giving my personal goals a good look-see and I've decided that along with the move, the hospitalizations and the poor adjustments I'm not in bad shape after all. I've really gotten into a workout program and I'm losing actual weight (down a pants size). I got a 3.85 GPA despite the daycare drama. And I do like the new house. So it's not all bad. Which leave me with the question of what next? The new seed catalogs are rolling in and the new calender is begging for me to write all over it. So what's the plan? First the boring stuff: keep up the exercise and weight loss in hopes of lowering cholesterol; decide on window treatments for the kitchen/great room; finally get a headboard for our bedroom. And then the fun stuff, my biggest goal this year is to get work ready. I am so very tired of school, and it's finally drawing to a close. So it's time to look towards a job. This is tricky because I want to be a writer. But I don't write enough in my daily life. I write many papers a semester but that's not the same. My first initiative is to finish the research study that I started this fall. I won't be doing it for class credit now, just for the thrill of digging through science journals. I'm hoping to make some contacts and find a few interesting story ideas along the way. As much as I love fiction and memoir, I need to focus on the science writing if I want to eat. As a fun project I will be rededicating myself to the blog. And not just quick posts about knitting or lack there of. I'm planning longer essays as a way to flex that creative muscle. So these are my resolutions, simply put to keep it up and write more. What are your resolutions or lack there of? Personally I think keeping it simple is the best resolution of all.

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Courtney said...

3.85? You whore! Although, I did make all A's this semester, so I shouldn't complain that much (3.916 this semester, 3.43 cumulative, in case you were curious).

I tried to call on your b-day but dunno if you got the message. Happy birfday!

Resolutions? Blog every week, at least twice. Draw every single day. Keep washing my face every night. Wear makeup so I won't have an excuse not to wash my face. Knit every day. Figure out what I want to do with my life.

See? Simple.