Thursday, November 29, 2012

My buddy Rosamunde

As November comes to a close and the Christmas decorations come up, I turn to my one of my favorite books of all time.I read Winter Solstice every year. Each year something strikes me in a different way. And although I know the story by heart, I always get a little thrill at the end. Five lonely and slightly battered people meander their way to a Scottish fishing village for Christmas and of course a bit of redemption. The characters are true and interesting. The issues are modern enough although the story is tucked in an idyllic setting. And the happiness is genuine and not at all forced. The language is fluid and lovely, which helps set it apart from so many formulaic Christmas novels. It's the kind of book that you want to climb into. Every year I wish to move to Creagan. I want to have dinner with the characters, or just sit for tea and listen to the Aga purr. I'm not a romance reader, at all and there's some romance here. But it is quiet and subtle, in that understated British way. Another reason that this story stays fresh for me, is that I've started listening to the audio book. This way I can listen and daydream while I bake or decorate. I can even bring it to work and listen on the commute. It frosts boring everyday moments with the Christmas sparkle. So if you're looking for a beautiful cozy Christmas read, check it out. And please share your Holiday favorite!

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