Friday, August 10, 2012

Memory knitting

I am a big fan of the sock yarn blankie because I can look at it as a scrap book. This block is the yarn from my Camp Kip knitalong shawl. And this is from my first Socks that Rock kit. Oh, and remember this one, the sock that ended up in the garbage disposal? ( I wish I was kidding about that one) This type of craft that weaves in memories really floats my boat. So I am very pleased to tell you about a new one I just found, the Sky scarf. The more I read about Conceptual knitting the more I love it. I guess I really am a process knitter. I also love how open to interpretation this pattern is. A quick trip through Ravelry showed me myriad interpretations, and now I am really hooked. I love the idea of adding a ripple pattern, but the thing that has me fascinated is the swing knitting. My mind reals at the possibilities. How else can I document my life in knitting? What kind of special piece can I make to document the munchkin growing up? I bet you can guess how I will spending my day.... with my sketch book in hand.

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