Monday, September 19, 2005

Low Productivity

I don't know where the days go. Today, it took me about four hours to bundle up the baby, go to the grocery store, bring the food home, unpack it, and put it away. In between baby wanted to nurse. And I had a splitting headache and tried to eat some lunch to help (it didn't help). So I found myself shelving the canned goods while heating up dinner. How sad am I?

I also have to admit that I feel like such a bad mom. Every time DH comes looking for me chanting: honey I think she's hungry again. I just cringe. How can something so little eat so much?

I have squeezed some knitting in, not today, but recently. I finished a little pink hat for the munchkin, and I got some work done on as Irish hiking scarf this weekend (xmas present). I really need to finish a pair of kids socks for charity so I can send off the other pair and the hat that are waiting. Deadline for that is Oct 1st. And I have an envelope of washcloths waiting for postage for Katrina victims. I'll try to post some pics tomorrow. Maybe it will help me feel more productive.

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