Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Just Like a Man

I forgot about my wedding anniversary. Yes that's right I complete lost track. For some reason I wrote it on the calendar, and seeing as I pretty much forgot it was September (I kept thinking I had another month somewhere) I almost blew it. But even though I started a little late I managed to pull out ahead. I got DH the collector's edition of Hoosiers, which may sound lame, but he's gonna love it. And I managed to find nice people to watch the munchkin so we can have a relaxed baby-free meal. Now the sad part is that we're goin to Red Lobster for "endless shrimp" and we'll probably eat until we're sick. Romantic, no? That's just the kind of sad people we are. The Endless shrimp thing usually runs during my B-day, na dwe've gone the last three years. And every year we come home and lay on the couch and moan like beached whales. It's amazing that we are as thin as we are. Of course that won't last for long. Lucky for me, breastfeeding has increased my metabolism ten-fold, so I may not bloat to badly.

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