Sunday, October 02, 2005

Busy Weekend

What a busy weekend. The in-laws came into town on Friday, and the whirlwind has yet to stop. But God love 'em, they gave us a great present. Friday night I set up two bottles, and they took care of the munchkin all night and morning, so we could sleep. It was amazing. When I finally got up it 10:00 am, an dthe house was silent, because the three of them were out for a walk. So I even had a quiet re-entry period. And I'm ending the weekend with the new Lovely body lotion fro, Sarah Jessica Parker, and with a new pair of lime green sneakers (like converse). Not to bad. However the fun isn't over yet. We have a BSU party in the next hour, and then the munchkin and I headed north with the in-laws. My Dad is picking us up in Milwaukee tomorrow, and from there, into the woods. Literally, my parents live near the Upper Pennisula, in the woods. So now that I know what a pain it is to pack for two people, we'll see how baby likes the car for 5 hour streaches.

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