Thursday, October 27, 2005

Baby Update

I know that my kid sleeps all the time, so why am I so tired? Why does she get wide eyed when I want to sleep? And why can't I sleep when she does (like now)? She is adorable. She's been really smiley, and she's been holding her head up for longer periods of time. But she also been displaying a temper. She has the potential to be a very willful child. Lord help me. I love her to pieces, but I've been doing the all night care taker thing all month. I can't wait for DH to come home from his conference. I'm going to pump a dozen bottles, and check into a hotel with a jacuzzi tub and put a hold on the phone. I'll bring Thai food and wine, and a new guilty pleasure book. Something light and fluffy and fun. I'll ignore the fact that if I'm not there the house won't be cleaned properly. I'll ignore the growing mounds of laundry and the garden that needs to be put to bed. I won't even bring my homework with me. School be damned!My nipples will recover, my brain will recharge and maybe, just maybe I'll resemble my old self. Ah to dream....
But instead I'm off to take another big ibuprophen for my back, and clean up the kitchen. I need a housekeeper. Of course I'd probably clean up before she got here. When did I become so anal?

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Chris said...

Oh girl! You are too funny. It's called Motherhood and it only gets worse. Pretty soon you will worry at every little thing and wonder where your mind went. Give Zoe some smooches!