Saturday, July 08, 2006

A great day!

It started early, but it was great! The munchkin and I went to the Farmer's Market. They had blueberries, and raspberries and peaches. I came home with bright yellow chard that was taller than the kid. No joke. I stuffed some of the leaves with quinoa mixed with apricots and currants and almonds. Mmmmmmmm! And I made up a quick batch of lentils, and the muchkin actually ate them this time. The first time I tried them with her, they were very plain and she actually took them out of her mouth. but this time the celery, carrot, onion and bay leaves improved the taste and she ate them without complaint. We made a trip to Wild Oats, where among the oragnic eggs and yogurt, I picked up Brie studded with Walnuts, and Pesto Jack cheese. I also could have bought every last olive they had, but I plan to send Zoe to college some day. :) It was so nice and cool this evening when I water the garden and I noticed a million baby tomatoes adn a zillion flowers on the beans. We'll be eating pretty in a few weeks. Plus my lavender beel pepper has not only peppers but sctual purple peppers on it. Of course that's what it's supposed to do, but I'm excited all the same.

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