Wednesday, July 05, 2006


We finally have a tooth. Or rather the munchkin has one. It broke through on Thursday. And I was wrong about thinking it would be easier after one broke. And that little guy is very sharp! My first Pampered Chef Party, as a consultant didn't happen on Friday. No one RSVP and I only got a few orders, so it's not enough to count for a catalog show. If I can't get people to come to my house for free food, how will I get anyone to host a party? But I did have a good time with the parental units this weekend. Munchkin learned a new trick, she lays down on her side when you say "Night, night." And she is so close to walking on her own. Her standing balance has really improved, and she stands all on her own now. I was about to cast off for the neckline of the shapely tank when I realized that I made the wrong decrease and arm hole shaping. Somewhere along the line I forgot which size I was making, and switched to the wrong one. So I frogged it. But I'm getting much better at that. I can get all the stitches back on the needles without twisting. And I'm almost back to the neckline. However I sliced my thumb on a mandolin (slicing onions) and was off duty for a day. It's better today, as long as I don't squeeze it. And of course it's my dominant hand. But I did manage to finish one of my xmas socks.
The moral of my convoluted story.... One step forward, one back (sometimes two, but I'm trying to be positive). Now I'm off to work through equilibrium problems and trig functions. Such fun, I can hardly wait!

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Chris said...

Such a darlin munchkin! She is getting big.