Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Lesson Learned

Well, I've learned my lesson and it is: I have limits. I know it's earth shattering, right? After cramming for an exam until 1:30 last night, I slipped into over tired mode and laughed hysterically when Zoe threw up all over our bed. Then when the DH finally took her squirming and giggling into the family room, I slipped into what can only be called a coma. Truly he told me this morning that the munchkin was screaming her head off around 3:30, when he tried to come back to bed, and I had no clue. I don't think I even dreamed about her. So at any rate, I got up far too early for a cup of coffee and to review my notes, and had a little cry,because I was certain that I was going to fail this exam. Well, I made it through fairly well (I'm thinking low A or high B). But the lesson I learned is that I am cramming so much into such a small amount of time. I'm putting too much on my new Mommy shoulders. I need to make peace with my messy house. I need to take a day to get organized and do it in a way that I can keep up with. I need to think about cutting a class next semester. I don't want to kill myself to finish this degree and miss out on all the good stuff with the kid. When I got home after my exam and two errands, I was so happy to see her. She was ready to nurse and I got home just in time. She was all smiles, and my head was finally on straight, and it felt so good to be with her. Lately I've been so frantic that snuggling with her is too time consuming, but no more. My little pumpkin deserves to be snuggled and be with happy parents, even if we are a little sleep deprived. So at any rate that's my lesson of the day. Kind of a stop and smell the roses type of thing. Just insert baby where roses used to be. :P

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mamma said...

Don't worry, it takes a while to get into the rhythm of it all. It truly is a balancing act. It gets better once the baby's able to move. Mine were always much happier once they gained control of their bodies. Your baby is really cute. What a sweet girl.