Friday, December 02, 2005

Living Bob's Life

Everyday is the same, dinner time rolls around and I think: Where has the day gone? When the fussing becomes too much I start the Daddy countdown: how long until day comes home so I can hand you off. I love my munchkin, I really do, but the teething process has started only a week after sleeping through the night started, and no, she is no longer sleeping through the night. My xmas knitting progress has halted, and my schoolwork got kicked to the corner, and still, she cries and NOTHING gets done. We're back to fussing all night and almost complete unpredictability. And I was just cleared from the Mastitis... It's one thing after another, and I'm seriously starting to question my abililty to go back to school in January. I can't seem to fit in my independent study work now. Maybe it will be better with clear deadlines, or maybe my head will explode and I won't have to worry about it anymore. *sighes* It's just one of those days.

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Chris said...

My cure for that fussy stage, when I thought I would go crazy!, was to put her in a stroller and go outside and walk. Now, I know it's getting colder and not so feasible for you. But a brisk stroll in the cold, with baby snug in your arms or stroller, can clear your head and get some endorphins(?) going. They will perk you up and improve your mood. Good luck!