Monday, December 05, 2005

Red Moahir scsarf for one of the Aunts
Close-up deatil, I love this pattern
So I didn't lie, I actually finished something. This is such an easy pattern, from the knit list. It knits up quickly on #10 needles. I made one of these last year for the MIL. This year my DH kept asking me: Is that a scarf for my mom? I told him three times, no this is for Nora, but I made one of these last year for your mom. And he would say: Oh, I knew that looked familair. He's clueless, but so cute. Now I'm working on an Irish Hiking Scarf for his Uncle, and a stocking for the munchkin. And my super secret project, Petrol in grey and orange for the hubbbie. He doesn't read this, so I can talk about it, but no pics until after he opens it. With my luck he'd see the progress in Iphoto and the surprise would be blown. It's really hard to finish something, when you can only knit it when someone else is at work. Usually I complain that he's not home, but now I want he to stay later. Hmmm. I just hope I finish it in time. So to that end I'm signing off to make the most of "naptime."

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