Saturday, November 12, 2005

Back from the Dead

After two days of high fevers and delusional thinking, I finally saw the doctor. And now after two days of antibiotics I'm feeling much better! Mastitis is much yuckier than I gave it credit for. But I'm finally on the road to well-ville. I was expecting a large box from knit Picks today, but it didn't arrive. I think this is God's way of telling me to buck up and finish Anouk, not to mention the cardigan that been waiting to be finished for months. So I will be a good girl and work on Zoe's item this week, and hope that my karma will bring the box of wool (for Eris) to me soon. I've almost given up on Xmas presents at this point. I desperately want to work on Eris, and as soon as that box arrives, I'm dedicating an afternoon to it. For those that aren't familiar, clink on the link under Works in Progress. It's so beautiful! And I have beautiful cranberry colored yarn coming. Heavy sigh! But I'm going to try to finish the other half of Anouk this weekend. The pockets won't take more than an evening. If I have enough yarn leftover, I'm thinking about making a stripped diaper cover/ bloomers to go underneath. :) Otherwise a long sleeved onsie should do the trick. She's gonna be so cute at thanksgiving. She'll probably wear on Saturday too, when her relatives are here. Now what should I knit for Xmas, Mabel? With some embroidery, hmmmmmm?
Here's a picture of the little progress I made this week. A hat for Zoe and a hat for Jessica. Now I just need to make hats for Jack and Addie. So many little kids, so little time. :)

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