Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Our First Halloween

She may be too little for candy, but no girl is ever to little for multiple outfits. For our first Halloween as a family, Zoe helped Mommy and Daddy pass out candy. Every girl dressed like a princess that came to the door, oooed and aaahhhed over her. Then we watched Jeepers and Creepers adn craved pumpkins and toasted the seeds. And then a miracle accured. She slept very well. Not completely through the night, but as close as she's been getting. What a great Halloween treat. Too bad mommy ate so many Paydays, that she couldn't wind down right away.

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Athenae said...

Oh, my god, she has hair! When was that allowed to happen? And she's definitely looking more and more like you. Oddly enough, I see your mom in her in that top picture, something about the annoyed yet amused expression.